Cool Stuff: Band Logo Style Director T-Shirts

Last week I came across a photo of Eli Roth wearing a SCORSESE t-shirt. As a film geek, I thought it was just the coolest but I didn't know where to find one.

CUT TO: A week later, I'm in Austin Texas for the SXSW film festival. Aside from being the coolest movie theaters in the world, The Alamo Drafthouses in the city also house Mondo Tees, a t-shirt/poster store which has all sorts of cool stuff. And yes, they had the SCORSESE shirt, which I quickly snapped up. Turns out that the t-shirts actually come from CineFile Video in Los Angeles. But you can also buy most of the shirts at Mondo Tees.

Von Trier Director T-shirt

Ingmar Bergman Director T-shirt

Herzog Director T-shirt

Fassbinder Director T-shirt

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