Tropic Thunder Teaser Trailer

Nolte totally cracked out! Creedence Clearwater Revival blaring! Robert Downey Jr. as a fake black man! Jack Black as an albino! A real black dude yelling, "I'm from Brooklyn motherf***er!" The red-band teaser trailer (who knew, right?) for Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder has arrived and it packs a soap-in-mouth wallop. Unfortunately, the characters are layered over footage from the film, so for the trailer's entire duration you're looking for an "X CLOSE" so you can get rid of the Flash and enjoy it. It's not there, sadly.

But what is there, more and more, is the potential for Tropic Thunder to shred up throats with laughter like so many foreign palm trees this August. And I am already digging the P.C. controversy that is erupting over Downey's performance. Say what you want about Apatow but his comedy doesn't exactly piss people off, and it's about time we got one that did.

Click here to skip the stupid age registration and watch the first "Over the Top Restricted Teaser Video" trailer for Tropic Thunder.Discuss: Are you liking what you've seen of the film thus far or what? And how badass is Nick Nolte, I mean, really?