Description Of A New Dark Knight Movie Trailer?

Last night I received an email from longtime /Film Reader Robby B claiming to have the scoop on a new movie trailer for The Dark Knight. I've tried all day to double source this one, but have come up with nothing. The most I can get out of anyone is that "Yes, the trailer focuses more on the Harvey Dent character." I'll admit, the description sounds rather short and a little bland, but maybe because it's something that you need to see, rather than read about. Check out the description after the jump.


Hey, longtime reader. I've been fortunate enough to see the new Dark Knight trailer. My mind has officially been blown.

Some marketing people were outside the movie theater last night asking for volunteers to show trailers to and then asking people questions about them. They had a little booth set up with computer screens and headphones. One of the other ones shown was the old Speed Racer trailer. The guy was nice enough to let me watch the DK one multiple times. I wrote down the dialogue in my phone. Kinda sucks because I was hoping to get a glance at two-face but all we got was Harvey.

Here's my description.

It opens with a camera flying over Gotham. We see the same shot of Batman on the roof used in a previous trailer. Harvey Dent's voice over: "It's an honor to finally meet you"

They cut to Bruce and Harvey in a restaraunt (the same one from the previous trailer with the shots of rachel). We now see Eckhart talking, he continues his dialougue: "Rachel's told me everything about you."

Bruce smiles. "I truly hope not"

The Batpod races through a narrow alley and cop cars brake and crash into each other since they can't fit through.

Citizens gaze up at the Joker talking on multiple TV moniters outside an electronic store.

Joker (fuzzy and shadowy on the screen) "Starting tonight people will die. I'm a man of my word." Echoing laughter.

Gordon, Dent, and Batman on a rooftop.

Gordon: "I want to be clear on this. In our zeal to bring him to justice. I'll let you bend the rules but we cannot break them. Otherwise, how are we different from him?

Dent: "Of Course"

Batman: "Agreed"

Dark Knight theme and Logo cued.