New Harvey Dent Viral Campaign For The Dark Knight


With old and new media covering the presidential campaign something thick, let us all ignore it and pay attention to the fictional propaganda of one Harvery Dent, Gotham City District Attorney. A new viral campaign for this summer's The Dark Knight has started up at the character's official website, When you submit your email addy, the following message is received...

Citizens of Gotham! The future of our city rests in your hands! Alone, we are helpless against the thugs and killers menacing our city. Together, we have the power to take back Gotham. In just a few days, you'll find out how. Please click … to verify your e-mail address. Keep an eye on and get ready to join a movement that will transform our city!

I also submitted my phone number, so maybe I'll get a phone call this weekend, just the one, but still! If so, watch out for an update. Playing up Aaron Eckhart's role of Harvey Dent/Two Face in the sequel has really given the flick a new layer of depth thus far, and I look forward to seeing how Christopher Nolan submerges us into the shady world of Gotham politics, something that never really got a realistic due in all of the prior Batman films.

Update: Been a few hours, still no call from Dent. Anyone out there gotten a call?Discuss: If you could receive a phone call from any Batman villain or character, who would you choose? Maybe Alfred, right? You could tell him to bring over some merlot, crackers and cheese in the suped-up Town Car.

via: HollywoodChicago