Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In Cocaine Cowboys Remake With Mark Wahlberg?

Do we really need more coke overdoses in Hollywood? According to Page Six, Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in a live-action remake of the quite awesome documentary Cocaine Cowboys. DiCaprio would star as Mickey Munday, a hick-type airplane pilot with an attitude and an insatiable appetite for the drug trade.

I was just talking to a friend about this flick while listening to Toto's "Africa," and the role of Mickey Munday came up. We felt he was getting shorthanded by the main "star" (former soldier/cocaine dealer Jon Roberts, whom Wahlberg is set to play) and we joked that Munday would pitch Hollywood his own idea. If you haven't Netflixed Cocaine Cowboys, now is the time to do so, because it blows away everything you ever thought about Miami, even if you lived there or went to college there like me.

For instance, Jon Roberts confesses in the doc that he used to pay off the Miami PD to shut down a Miami Beach causeway to allow for his car races. And in the special features, he talks about a psychic who was on his bankroll who told him when the heat was on. One day, this psychic gets furious with him because she "feels" that a body is in the trunk of the car that dropped him off. Turns out she's right. Jon Roberts might be the most badass guy to ever cross his legs while wearing shorts in an interview.

Back in January, we voiced our semi-disgust at how these low rent drug dealers were getting their own big budget movies before people like The Ramones and Kurt Vonnegut do. If you look at the recent shitty fact-checking, self-mythologizing travesty that was American Gangster, you'll understand our point. At the same time, we are looking forward to this movie and dreading it...

More Page Six madness...

The untitled flick "will blow Blow out of the water," says a movie insider who added that Leo "is excited about the opportunity to play the airplane pilot who travels with Mark's character to obtain kilos of cocaine from Pablo Escobar."

And then they add that Leo's "camp" says the rumors are completely false. I would say that's not the case. DiCaprio definitely had this conversation with Wahlberg from what I hear. Starring in this type of movie provides a lot of benefits for a young man if you know what I mean, and this movie needs more star power than Wahlberg to compete with the numerous Pablo Escobar projects in development post writers'-strike. Peter Berg (The Kingdom) is still on board to direct.

Discuss: Do you want to see a movie that "blows Blow out of the water?" or would you rather see a big-budget D.A.R.E. movie a la G.I. Joe with more baggies and shirtless plebes?