Juno's Blu-Ray Cover Is “Totally Boss”; Sequel For Sale On eBay

A couple weeks ago we posted details on the DVD release of Jason Reitman's Juno, complete with cover art. One of my friends just sent me the super-cool artwork from the cover of the Blu-ray disc special edition version (seen above). It's definitely much cooler than the standard dvd release artwork. It kind of reminds me of the style from the cover art of the Criterion Collection releases of Wes Anderson's films.

Juno 2 on ebay

Earlier this month we also reported that Jason Reitman says he has no interest in making Juno 2. So how is the screenplay for a Juno sequel for sale on eBay for the bargain price of $100,001.00? Because Academy Award winning screenwriter Diablo Cody didn't write it. eBay user screenwriter_in_paradise writes:

Juno grossed over $130 million domestically. I have written the sequel. If Mr. Mudd, Mandate or FoxSearchlight don't buy than it is available to any legitimate production company that wants to jump on the bandwagon. Your lawyers will tell you the names will have to be changed, so we will call this 111 page script Juno-like or Junoesque. A 4-page sample is available via e-mail.

The winning bidder will get a hard copy, an electronic PDF file and a copy on CD. Sounds like a deal...