Warner Bros To Finally Let The Wild Things Out In October 2009

Spike Jonzes' big screen adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are was originally set to hit theaters later this year, but was mysteriously pushed back to a TBA 2009 release. Leaked test footage surfaced showing a Sesame Street-style costumed monster with a computer generated talking face. It was later learned that the studio was extremely unhappy with the film Jonze had shot, and a test screening had kids leaving the theater scared. Apparently Spike's film was... well, a Spike Jonze movie, and not the cute cuddly family fantasy movie Warners was expecting. There were even rumors that the movie studio was forcing Spike to reshoot the entire film.

So what's the latest?

The good news is that Warner Bros has announced a new release date for the film.

The bad news is that is that the new release date is almost 20 months away.

That's right, Where The Wild Things Are will now hit theaters on October 16th 2009! 20 months should give Warner Bros and Spike Jonze enough time to figure something out, right? It would probably allow for extensive (if not a complete) reshoots, entirely new special effects, and a new set of test screenings. Again, this is just my speculation, but what else will they do with 20 months to kill? This doesn't sound good.