JJ Abrams Talks Cloverfield 2

I've been told that a Cloverfield Sequel is pretty much dead for now (not to say it can't eventually happen), but JJ Abrams was recently asked about the possibility and here is what he said.

"There is an idea that has come up that... we're exploring so we'll see if it's worth doing then hopefully we'll get a chance to do it."

When asked if there will be another monster, Abrams replied:

"Another monster, yeah, another sort of a interesting way in but we have some cool ideas and Drew Goddard, the writer and Matt Reeves the director have sort of cooked something up so we're . . . you know hopefully that'll get a chance to happen."

Note the use of the words "exploring", "chance" and "hopefully". Abrams also insinuated that if a sequel were to happen, that it might not employ the same first person handheld video camera point of view.

"At a certain point it's the kind of thing probably wears out it's welcome you know, for some people probably while watching the movie, you know what I'm saying?"

Discuss: If they were to make Cloverfield 2, and it were not filmed in the POV style, what could set it apart from general monster movies?

source: Tagruato