Big Ghostbusters Announcement?!

Late breaking news from the floor of WonderCon in San Francisco. The convention program features an interesting tease that features the classic Ghostbusters logo and "something exciting is coming to the neighborhood!" "Look for the big announcement at Comic Con San Diego 2008".

Could this be an announcement regarding the upcoming Ghostbusters video game? Probably not. The cat has already been let out of the bag regarding the franchise's video game plans. Besides, on further inspection, you will notice a "Sony Pictures Home Entertainment" logo. The video game is being produced under an entirely different entity. So what could this be about?

Could it be the Ghostbusters 3 computer animated movie that has been in development for a few years now. Dan Aykroyd confirmed the development of an animated Ghostbusters 3 in an interview last year.

"I wrote a script called Hell Bent, Ghostbusters go to hell basically. The premise is that it's Manhellton. There's Manhattan and ManHELLton. And if you can build an inter-dimensional phase system so that you can go from one dimension to another. We've succeeded doing that and we go to the hell side. Downtown, Folley Square – where the cops are, they're all blue minotaurs. Central Park is this huge deep mine, green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand foot high apartment buildings with classic red devils. Very wealthy. And we go visit a Donald Trump like character – Mr. Siffler. Lou Siffler, Lucifer. So I will say we meet the devil in it. It won't happen as a live action because Billy [Murray] won't come on to the live action but he will voice his part, as a CGI animated project. With CGI, and animation, the way these cartoons are done, we can do everything I wrote in that script for a lot less money."

So maybe the project will be officially announced at Comic Con? Although I don't understand why they wouldn't go theatrical with such a release. I have also confirmed with my sources that Ghostbusters is currently being prepped for release on Blu-ray disc. Could that be the big announcement?

Discuss: Do you want to see a direct-to-DVD com puter animated Ghostbusters 3? Or would you rather the announcement be the Blu-ray release of the original films?