Toy Story 3 Plot Revealed

The Wall Street Journal has revealed the plot for Toy Story 3:

"Woody the cowboy and his toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, leaves for college."

Lee Unkrich, who has been co-director on Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo, stepped up to helm the third film in the series. Michael Arndt, the Academy Award nominated scribe of Little Miss Sunshine, wrote the screenplay.

Before the Disney/Pixar merger, the mouse house was hard at work on a third Toy Story film without Pixar's involvement. Disney's plot idea involved a recall of Buzz Lightyear toys, which includes Andy's doll, which results in the Toys going on an adventure to Taiwan to rescue Buzz, who has been malfunctioning. John Lasseter and company were very unhappy with the idea, and didn't approve.

The new plot line sounds interesting, but am I the only one who liked the logline for Disney's Recalled story? (Note: I heard the actual treatment was horrible, but the idea itself sounds pretty cool). Either way I have faith in whatever Pixar comes up with.

Disney will be rereleasing new Disney Digital 3-D versions of Toy Story on October 2nd, 2009, and Toy Story 2 on February 12th, 2010. Toy Story 3 is being produced as a 3-D movie, and will hit theaters on June 18th, 2010.

Discuss: What do you think of the "Day-Care Center" storyline compared to the scrapped Disney "recall" storyline?