WonderCon Meet-Up Anyone? 8:00pm At Jillians!

Update: If anyone is interested, we're meeting at 8:00PM at Jillians at the Metreon right next to the convention center.

Who's going to WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco?

Alex from FirstShowing and I will have a bit of free time on Friday night, February 22nd, and we're considering catching some dinner and drinks with anyone who wants to join us. If you live in San Francisco and might want to meet-up, comment below and let us know. We're just trying to gauge interest and see how man San Franciscans might be up for enjoying some food/brews with the two film geeks behind FirstShowing.net and SlashFilm.com!

If you're interested in possibly catching up with us in San Fran this Friday, just leave a comment below with your e-mail and name. If we put something together we'll update this blog post and try and message all of you. Stay tuned and we might just see you there...

We've decided to meet up at 8:00PM for some food and drinks with a small group at Jillians, a restaurant across the street from the convention center in the Metreon. See you there if you can make it!