First Look: Two Face From The Dark Knight


The Net knows no bounds. Dark Horizons has landed blurry images of actor Aaron Eckhart's Two Face figurine for this summer's The Dark Knight that were snapped inside the press-restricted section of the New York Toy Fair. These are the first shots of what the post-acid fashioned Harvey Dent villain will look like in Chris Nolan's Batman Begins sequel. You might notice that the figurine has what appears to be a Terminator-esque red eye, but most notable is the suit. Instead of wearing a suit that is split down the middle by a terrible tailor, complete with animal prints and other colorful zaniness, Two Face's suit here keeps it mundane work-week, though frayed and lived-in on his bad side. Wise decision. "Where does he get those incredibly awful split ties?"

Pics of Tommy Lee Jones's take on the character in Batman Forever and the character in a Batman comic below.

Discuss: Do you think his face will be as cartoonishly purple as Jones's version?twoface2.jpgTwo Face 2