Taylor Kitsch Cast As Gambit In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Signs Three Picture Deal

If you're asking who Taylor Kitsch is and why he's got dibbs on playing Gambit, one of the most anticipated and liked X-Men ever, check out the following YouTube interview to get a nice idea of his mannerisms and his voice. My knee-jerk reaction was disappointment, but he seems like he could be a good fit, no? For a relative unknown? Others will know Kitsch from his role as Tim Riggins on the TV show Friday Night Lights and the one guy out there will cry "he was in Renny Harlin's The Covenant and he was totes awesome."

According to SHH, Kitsch will make his first appearance as the ragin' Cajun mutant in Gavin Hood's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the actor signed a three-picture deal, apparently to star as the character in future films. Known for his knack of channeling kinetic energy into playing cards that glow pink like Pop Rocks and are thrown at many a foe, Gambit also brandishes a bō staff like TMNT's Donatello, has flamboyant style, and a shady attitude carried over from his years as a thief. Some comic fans passionately appeal that he's a one-note D-bag who tries too hard to awe the guys and gals like David Blaine.

Yesterday, we laid out a smorgasbord of casting news for Wolverine, including news via AICN that Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool in the film, as well as an expected appearance of lardy villain The Blob. It's beginning to feel like Wolverine is throwing a block party and purposely didn't tell his fellow X'ers. And we're starting to see why Hugh Jackman is so happy-go-lucky about the project's potential for mega-success.

Discuss: Is Taylor Kitsch (great last name, btw) worthy of playing Gambit? And are you worried that the Origins part of the film will be overshadowed by cameos and the Spider-Man 3 curse of villain-overload?