New Documentary: The People Vs. George Lucas

So, there's a new documentary in the works set for a 2009 release entitled The People vs. George Lucas and the filmmakers are currently looking for Star Wars fans to submit interviews confessing their feelings on the man and his ever expanding universe. And judging by the rather ballsy title, it will focus on burn victims, of the lightsaber variety. Let's all shake a fist at the prequels, shall we? If you're interested in participating, look here.

With the recent announcement that the computer-animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars is going theatrical on August 15th, and the recent Indy trailer, this is a good time to open up the comments on the subject here on the Slash. Do you look forward to further developments in the Star Wars saga or do they induce fear and loathing? If you could choose to live in this universe or the Star Wars-verse, which pill would you take? Do you find that Space Balls gets better with age, and should there be a sequel and what should it be titled (be nice)? What's your opinion of such a documentary and is it justified? Lastly, what do you think George Lucas thinks of his fans?

The original films are eternal, cinematic treasures. No question. And I remember walking out of Episode II half-way through in disgust (again, disgust episode two), and I remember staring at its lush final box office receipts with a crazy eye. If that movie was set on a stage like Lars von Trier's Dogville (and in a way, it was) I still think it would have grossed similarly intergalactic boffo numbers. The prequels are not movies in my mind, they are comparable to Microsoft Windows. But that's just my confession, what's yours?

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Source Link: JoBlo