James Bond 22: Quantum Of Solace Teaser Poster

Moviefone snagged the official teaser poster for Quantum of Solace, and I say mehhh. This poster takes advantage of the minimalism that's so trendy right now, and so exquisitely exercised by Funny Games (this poster is mine, whether the remake sucks or not, do not care) and milks it until its literally dust. Playing it far too safe for a film that has more to prove, to me at least, than its predecessor, Casino Royale, I know what the defenders will say: Character is now iconic, yadda yadda, revenge, yadda, you must want a bikini yadda wadda. Of course, there's a Scarface angle to the teaser that will earn a few shouts in the theater hall from people wearing silk pants. ...Which is nice.

Update: It also reminds me of certain images from Lee Marvin's Prime Cut. Jus' sayin'.

View the poster in size XL with an elastic waistband after the jump...