Teaser Image For Terry Gilliam's Imaganarium Of Doctor Parnassus

An image for Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has appeared online; actually, only half of the image, as the other half will apparently be conjoined on the film's official site this weekend. A source close to the film purportedly told Quick Stop that the massive influx of web traffic caused its site to crash earlier today. I experienced this firsthand, though several friends on both coasts and outside America did not. The image, as is, is worth a look after the jump.

I remember the first images I came across early on for Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm, and they gave me a flop-type vibe. In contrast, this image and the set design, the detail, gives me an optimistic feeling. Might it be clicking after all? I particularly like the "Eye of Providence" at the top of the stage's marquee, and the cardboard topiary is at once creepy, ethereal and believably makeshift. The mannequin-like display here, the druid-like illustrations, it's all antique haunted house vibes via a nomadic-sage-stage. Gilliam's vision feels cohesive in the construction. It's just half a pic, though, obviously. Just my gut speaking. Hi gut. Your gut's thoughts?

Whatever its are, this film's marketing strategy seems to have taken out a different page compared to The Dark Knight; increasing its exposure online and keeping it consistent with the flood it received shortly after lead star Heath Ledger's untimely passing. It's an indie affair, so I don't find it tasteless, just curious. Will this film be good? Can it be?

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