Channing Tatum Confirmed For G.I. Joe's Duke?

Eleven days ago, the character of Duke in Stephen Sommers's much hated-on G.I. Joe was said to be down to three actors: Lost's Matthew Fox, Fantastic 4's Chris Evans and Channing Tatum from the upcoming MTV-does-Iraq-War flick Stop-Loss. AICN now says that Tatum is definitely Duke.

Tatum is 27, he was born in Alabama and if you've recognized him in anything it was probably the wobbly Shia LaBeouf flick A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints or the rare, naughty Anne Hathaway debacle Havoc. Slashfilm's resident diehard G.I. Joe fan, Peter, is returning from Sundance shortly, so I'll let him unleash the expletive-barking hounds of hell on this casting truthiness if he feels it necessary, but to me, Tatum is fine. I've seen the movies above, and I've seen him pop out a tear in the trailer to Stop-Loss, and all I really needed to see was the above photo to know he's fine for this role.

Sommers coming aboard automatically zapped this movie into low-brow Cartoon Land, and no actor this side of George Clooney or Josh Brolin was going to save it. Tatum can pull off the role of an arrogant, affable cocky co-leader with a large firearm hanging off his shoulder. Let's just hope he doesn't bump into Rambo from Rambo because that would take more than the crime cleanup crew from Sunshine Cleaning to wipe up with a sponge and broom.