Quentin Tarantino Attacks Paparazzi At Sundance

At /Film we try not to post anything that would be considered celebrity gossip. Last week in one of my Sundance blogs I wrote about my unfortunate experience meeting Quentin Tarantino after a screening of Hell Ride. A reader who had read my posting just sent me this video showing Quentin Tarantino attacking a paparazzi with a video camera while in Park City.

I'm not a supporter of the paparazzi, but at the same time, I think Tarantino's reaction was totally unnecessary. My mom always told me that two wrongs don't make a right. He could have easily just walked away. And even sadder, Tarantino's comment leads me to believe that he actually believed the guy was a Park City local with a video camera and not a paparazzi, yet still acted the way he did.

What a badass... /sarcasm

[flv:http://slashplay.com/tarantinopap.flv 470 264]

source: ekstrabladet