Gus Van Sant's Milk Set Photos

Gus Van Sant's Harvey Milk bio-pic Milk is currently shooting in my hometown of San Francisco. But for some reason I'm stranded miles away in Park City. Anyway, the production designers are giving Castro street a retro make-over. The following photos shows work on some of the store fronts, which includes a new 70s psychedelic music store called Aquarius Records on Castro and 19th Street.  More Photos after the jump.

Aquarius Records

Although now located on 24th Street in Noe Valley, Aquarius spent the bulk of its years in the heart of the Castro. For several years it was located next door to Harvey Milk's camera shop. Indeed, Butch Bridges, owner of Aquarius, was good friends with our former supervisor, and remembers that both punks and gays (and gay punks!) always welcomed the store as part of the community. [source]

China Court

Next door to the recreated old Aquarius is China Court, a small family restaurant that was replaced by an upscale Thai restaurant a few years back.

China Court

And a wine store called Swirl has been retrofitted with a 1972-looking Castro Liquor signage.


Castor Liquors

Here is an old school desoto cab parked on the block.

Desanto cab

The Castro Theatre is also getting a a well due makeover. They appear to be giving the exterior a paint job, and fixing the neon signage on this San Francisco landmark. The theater was featured briefly in David Fincher's Zodiac, but Paramount opted for a matte painting recreation over using an on-location retrofitted set.

Castro Theater

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