Get Smart Movie Trailer

Worst trailer, ever. Get smart, trailer. What has happened to us as a people? Steve Carell is a genuinely funny dude. Anne Hathaway is such a babe she can make guys who chop down trees for a living enjoy a movie about the dying publishing industry, and almost cry. How do you eff this up? Why can't Warner Bros. print cool with this movie? I didn't laugh inside once until the naked guy from Borat showed up. This is Get Smart, are we really relying on Madea-like Kazakh cameos to push it over $100 million at the box office?

As soon as this pathetic trailer ended, I clicked away to the original TV show's intro. There's your blueprint. Carell can do a good Don Adams, but it's not here. Adams's comedy was genius: his Maxwell Smart was a smooth, unaware, carefree guy who made it out beyond okay everytime, thanks to a hot, witty sidekick. That premise remains what all guys want in life. What happened here? Why do movies have to include so many beautiful unfunny friggin' people? This isn't a supermarket in Miami at 8 p.m., it's a comedy. I am so glad they didn't show Bill Murray, who's in the movie, in this trailer.

This is Get Smart with botox and it sucks. This trailer is a 0.0. I had to listen to a botched theme song from the very unrelated Spy Hunter arcade game on YouTube three times to repress it. Is it harder to re-spoof a '60s James Bond film with minor updates than it is to reinvent it? Judging from this trailer, this is Carell's second Almighty big budget bomb.

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