George Romero's Diary Of The Dead Movie Poster

The offical poster from landmark horror director George Romero's latest contribution to undead cinema, Diary of the Dead, has stumbled onto the Web. Diary is set for a theatrical release on February 15th, which makes me curious to see how it will perform in light of the similarly themed and wildly successful Cloverfield. Romero's fifth zombie film will flip the script and focus on the moment zombies started to rise up and create chaos amongst the human populace. It's similar to Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project in that the film is presented from the POV of a camera belonging to a pack of college kids who are making their own horror film before the hell on Earth stuff happens.

Got that? This method allows Romero to comment on how media-obsessed and out-of-touch the young adults of today are, and how they all deserved to get eaten by decaying Baby Boomers! There's also an anti-war message.

As for the poster, it could be cleverer. And I'm not sure exactly where the camera is focusing, because it's adding zombies that aren't there. Make the jump to see what I'm typing about.

Perplexing, innit?

Source Link: Bloody Disgusting