Indiana Jones's Home In Crystal Skull Revealed Via Video Tour


"Make yourselves at home."

It's Sunday afternoon, the news is slower than Nicole Kidman's mug and my photo captions are more tired than Neil Hamburger on his best night. But there is no stoppin'. The official website for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (typing that is like playing the bones, btw) has posted an enjoyably informative but snappy video tour of Indie's Illinois home from the new film. View it here.

Production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas offers his peppy narration, as the camera goes all Tales From the Crypt-vision through the various rooms smartly cluttered with totems, relics and prized nic-nacs that a lesser man/gal than you or I would no doubt try to pocket to the sound of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" on ye ole' iPod. A burgundy-filled toast to the film's set director Larry Dias. It's cool to see the clip of the home from Raiders of the Lost Ark contrasted with the new set home, as well. But, um, where's the Wii?