27 Dresses Movie Review

So sometimes you owe your girl one. Sometimes she puts up with an absurd slam-bang, balls out guy flick and grins the whole time without saying a word. So for you guys who this weekend got so see 27 Dresses and not Cloverfield, feel my pain. But what an aesthetic anesthetic hour and a half it is. Katherine Heigl plays Jane, a woman who is always the bridesmaid but never the...ya know. She collects clippings from the paper all about the true love of weddings that she one day dreams of having but cannot come to grips when her little sister (Harold and Kumar's topless Malin Akerman) steals the love of her life, who also happens to be her boss. Like someone collecting their finger nails she has kept every dress she's worn to every wedding, like some trophy for 3rd runner up in a pageant. Heigl does a great job showing her frustration and horror with wonderful expression. She goes from awkward to sexy seamlessly.

The movie is good, although very reminiscent of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but that's not a bad thing. It's very light and fluffy. Quick and painless for you guys who'd rather be killed by whatever the Cloverfield monster is then see a romantic chick flick. However the movie is not unforgettable, it will give you that fleeting moment of bliss that makes you forget you are married to a Succubus, but then it's over and your popcorn is gone. It has some terrific moments, especially with Marsden (Still doing well, after being Cyclops, Lois Lane's BF in Superman Returns, and hilarious in Enchanted) being a charming columnist chasing Jane and Judy Greer always being deliriously delightful as Jane's scene raping buddy.

The movie never gets to that point of being a classic, but Heigl hot off of, well everything, does well to keep the movie moving with decent comic ability, and a good supporting cast doing some light lifting. So, final summation? It's decent. Like I said, it's not going to be revered in the history books a hundred years from now, but consider it a treat of light fun if you're not looking for monsters or epic period dramas.