Cha Cha Improves Sundance Process Due To /Film Comments

Yesterday I commented on Cha Cha's txt service which is being promoted at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The human search company had set up exit polls a all the venues with the idea that you could txt Cha Cha with your mobile phone and find out the buzz on a film you may be interested in. A cool idea, but we (Neil from FSR, Alex from FS and myself) found that most of the films were getting an A+, even the horrible ones. I questioned the way the exit polls were being conducted, and never really expected a response. A Cha Cha representative quickly took note and commented on our thread. And this morning we received an email from Brad A. Bostic, the president of Cha Cha:



Following Justin's correspondence with you, I wanted to advise that ChaCha has adjusted our grading system to provide a more accurate measurement of the audience feedback we are gathering.

Thank you for using our new ChaCha text answers service and helping us to perfect the process utilized to provide outstanding value to Sundance festival goers and interested parties around the country.  We are receiving a tremendously positive response to our service and we appreciate your feedback.  Please let us know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

Best Regards,


How cool is that? Cha Cha is changing their process due to our comments! This is great because Cha Cha is a really great service. As I said before, we've used it to find restaurants in Park City. And there is no place to go to find out what movies people are loving and hating at the fest. So this idea has unlimited potential. Hopefully they've changed their system to a 5 or 10 point scale, which will all for a more accurate percentage than a 2 point exit poll.