Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves Already Talking Sequel!

"Look! What is that?!....Why, it's the Hollywood System!"

Haven't seen the first Cloverfield yet? Well, get to it kiddo, because Cloverfield 2 has already been discussed, according to the probable smash hit's director Matt Reeves.

"Only time will tell. While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go," Reeves told Bloody Disgusting. "The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today's day and age of people filming their lives on their iphones and handy cams, uploading it to youtube...That was kind of exciting thinking about that."

For those who waited out Friday to sponge on the wildly polarized reception from geeks and plain clothed civilians alike to J.J. Abrams's monster bonanza, be sure to stick around until after the end credits because many people aren't. Personally, I hope another Cloverfield doesn't happen, but that opinion's the equivalent of a scraped and jellied record these days. If it does move forward, I'll already go ahead and give Reeves and Abrams the benefit of the doubt that it wouldn't be e a retread, based solely on the quality of their first movie. And I don't think it would go in the horizontal direction Reeves describes above.

Without spoiling anything, there seems to be a lot of curiosity left out there, and if the filmmakers can build a franchise that utilizes the original film's innovative presentation and wild ideas while flipping expectations on their head, then I'll support it. That's a tall order for speculation fresh out the womb, I know. Maybe Abrams should just churn out a the sequel that features a sketchy 60-year-old white haired scientist in front of a slide projector who explains to the audience just what a monster is. "Ya see kids, a monster is part fish and part horse, but it's not a sea horse!" That might satiate some of the moviegoers demanding their money back.