Cloverfield: Rob's Party Report

I received an email from long time /Film reader Glenn D, who was lucky enough to attend "Rob's Party" last night in New York City. Here is his report:

First off, the setup and execution of the party was a pretty poorly crafted event. I understand the premise and it was great to see the cast, but it was boardering on out of control. Once the cast showed up it became a mosh pit to take their pictures. Rob was in and of the bar in a matter of minutes. I was barely able to snap a photo of him. Everyone else though hung out long enough for me to get a shot. You had to be really aggersive and persistant to have a picture taken. The cast themselvs were really nice and cool about the whole thing. Odette Yustman saw me trying to get a picture with her and she kind of went out of her way to help me out. I attached the few photos I was able to get. I am one that looks like a giant light bulb.

After the party we headed down to the Sunshine theater where we all got a free pass to see the movie. Here are a few added photos: