New Photo: The X Files 2

For kicks, we decided to remove the ghoulies, critters and Sloth Fratellis from this new still for July's sequel to The X Files. Mundane offices are scary enough (we took out the ancient, macabre fax machine, too). You can question the ethics behind this censorship, but we promise that we did not touch up Moulder and Scully. These two simply do not age, one of the benefits of being slimed, I read somewhere.

The pic first popped up in USA Today, where X Files creator Chris Carter was kind enough to reiterate what those privy to trendy Internet have known since Dakota Fanning grew blond hair and blue eyes: The sequel has nothing to do with A.) aliens and B.) the 1998 film and TV show's mythology [aliens]. Not that it isn't a great move for the franchise. Got Carter?

"We spent a lot of time on [the mythology] and wrapped up a lot of threads. We want a stand-alone movie, not a mythology conspiracy one."