Sundance Movie Trailer: Goliath

Goliath will premiere at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Shot in Austin, Texas, Goliath is a film, a comedy at that, about a cat and one man's search for said cat. When the man got divorced, he got the cat, so he wants to find the cat. Did I mention that the man's life is in shambles? Now it makes sense. You probably already guessed that the cat's name is Goliath, right? The trailer is heavy on the drums, heavy on the sans serif, and Andrew Bujalski, the mumblecore director behind Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, makes an appearance. For some reason, I really wish that one guy made the behind-the-back shot. The film was directed by David Zellner and stars his sib Nathan Zellner and Caroline O'Connor.

[flv: 470 264]

source: FirstShowing