Baby Mama Movie Trailer

Okay, on three, now push it, push it real good. Last year's trend of "I'm pregnant!" laffs continues into 2008 with a twist called Baby Mama. See, Tina Fey's character can't get pregnant, so she hires an uneducated chick from South Philly to be her surrogate, or as some might loosely refer to on "the streets": a "baby mama"! Fey's homegirl from the SNL "Weekend Update" years, Amy Poehler, gets her baby mama on, squatting in a sink, eating junk, watching monster truck rallies, giving delayed response, and possibly using PAM spray to deliver. Sigourney Weaver and Dax Shepard (still in Idiocracy mode) also appear, ranking about a 4 and a 5 on the laugh-o-meter, respectively. And that guy from Weeds and Blades of Glory, Romany Malco, stops by as a door man to do a pretty nice infantile DMX-imitation.

Poehler and Fey have just the amount of smarty-pants chemistry to pull this off, but it's borderline. It also looks incredibly safe for two of the strongest comic female voices at this level. I am glad to see that Poehler's not rocking cornrows and a Bugs Bunny-as-drug dealer t-shirt, because that would be obnoxious and way predictable. Also, it's like both of them have a mega-watt "glow" in the trailer that screams healthy. Girls love to see that. You know what I would have liked to see? Tracy Morgan. I mean, this guy majors in preggo comedy and makes Fey's 30 Rock run full blast. Maybe he was busy with the real thing. Here's the trailer, which glows radiantly to The Cars' "Just What I Needed."

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You can also watch the trailer in High Definition on Baby Mama hits theaters on April 25th 2008.