Will Smith Confirms Chicago 7 Talks With Spielberg, New Ending For I Am Legend

Earlier this week, Jeff Daniels and Colin Hanks were pegged for roles in Steven Spielberg's Chicago 7, which seems to have bypassed both Lincoln and Interstellar as the director's next project. There are also reports that Sacha Baron Cohen is not a lock for 7's lead role, that of '60s rabble rouser Abbie Hoffman. One actor who has confirmed that's he's in talks to star is Will Smith...

"When Steve is ready he will send it, Smith told Collider. I don't know specifics, story, anything, but he told me the filming dates, so I can be free to do it. It's not a 100% sure thing yet, but I'm confident."

It's believed that Smith is up for the role of Black Panther Bobby Seale, who was put on trial on federal conspiracy charges, alongside other protesters, intellectuals and self-proclaimed revolutionaries, for the anti-war riots that swarmed Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention.

Smith also confirmed alongside director Francis Lawrence that an alternative ending will be included on the I Am Legend DVD, calling it "less commercial" and hinting that six seconds of it were included in one of the teaser trailers. Could this new ending be more faithful to the forever bleak conclusion in the eponymous Richard Matheson novel?