Cool Stuff: The Juno Hamburger Phone

I've written about some of the cool Juno t-shirt promos that Fox Searchlight passed out at the advanced screenings. But check out this killer Hamburger phone that was sent out to select critics. The box art features the quote from the movie:

"Can you hold on for a second? I'm on my hamburger phone. It's just like really awkward to talk on."

I'm still not cool enough to get any of the really neat swag, but maybe someday. Now if only it were wireless, I could search around my apartment yelling "Where did I put my hamburger!?" On second thought, maybe its better that I wasn't included on the Hamburger phone mailing. Below is a photo of Juno (played by Ellen Page) using a hamburger phone in the film.

Juno on her Hamburger Phone

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via: Flickr