Are The Watchmen Watching

The negative side of the cool viral marketing that the studios is doing is what people the Alternate Reality Gaming world call Gamejacks. The Cloverfield craze saw the emergence of Evan Haas and a few other sites which attempted to capitalize on the hype behind JJ Abrams' mysterious monster flick. I'm usually hesitant to report on such new sites, especially due to the studio's unwillingness to confirm such sites as official or "Out of game".

Today I received an email from a /Film Reader named Sam R, about a site first mentioned in a Cloverfield comment thread by a user named titmouse. The site, was first believed to be related to Cloverfield. The website features the weird math equation shown in the photo above, followed by the text:

you can live there if you want to but I'm not going near it

Sam noticed that there was a small HTML tag for an unused photo in the website source –, which brings you to the previously released Watchmen still of Rorshach holding the ever-famous smiley. But if this is an official viral site, who wouldn't Warner Bros use a new still to confirm this fact to fans? It's also worth noting that the image is in an extremely high resolution (3884 x 1810) than I've ever seen it prior (but this could just be a high def enlargement).

Watchmen's Rorshach

What has me interested in this website, is the domain name. It's a two number/letter domain, which many of you probably know, isn't cheap. Unless you had a domain like this locked up for a long while, it isn't something you could easily get your hands on without some big bankroll. The site first showed up in June, and many people believed it to be part of Bungie's online viral game for the Halo video game series.

So I'm hoping that someone reading this speculative post will be able to prove or debunk this site as part of a new Watchmen viral effort. Anyone up for the task?