Directors Guild Of America Nominations

Today the Directors Guild of America announced their annual list of nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement. If you're leaving Earth before the Academy reveals their noms for Best Picture, it's a safe bet that four of the five films below will make the cut. But really, why not wait it out and enjoy some American Gladiators? Especially since this year's list might be off by two, or three. Madness! Here are the DGA's choices.

Julian Schnabel – The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Tony Gilroy – Michael Clayton

Sean Penn – Into the Wild

Paul Thomas Anderson – There Will Be Blood

Joel Coen & Ethan Coen – No Country for Old Men

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I say I'm an Oscar psychic you'll have no reason to agree, but I think Michael Clayton is a wee bit John Grishamy to be included by the Academy. And while Jason Reitman isn't a lock to get a nod for Best Director, his Juno is proving such a huge crossover hit and so of the moment (never discount the Jamie Lynn Spears Factor (JLSF)!) we'll all be bummed if the Roman Goddess isn't called to the front of the class. Julian Schnabel and Sean Penn's films are both wildcards for Best Picture, with Atonement and Sweeney Todd having an equal chance to take a slot. I'd bet on Schnabel's and Atonement. I'm surprised that American Gangster is still being mentioned as a contender by so many notable mentioning-types, but Ridley Scott commands respect even when his latest plays it safe and lackluster. On a list with Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood and the Coen Brothers' NCFOM (both definitive 2007 films, both locks), David Fincher's Zodiac doesn't let in enough optimistic light. I'd count it out for Best Picture. But if you lose an arm don't call me or purchase a tank of killer air, just leave a comment, 'kay?