Justice League Delayed?

Casting announcements were supposed to be made more than a month ago, is Justice League delayed? Rumor has it that the start date has been pushed back from March to April/May or even possibly as late as July, this according to IESB. The site the studio's concerns with the cast of unknowns as the main reason for the delay. But this sounds awfully strange to me.

I've also heard rumblings about production delays, but I've always gotten the impression it had more to do with the script (with the writers strike in full effect, rewrites are an impossibility). Who knows. One thing is for sure, a Justice League of America movie could be huge if done right. And by done right, bigger names need to be hired for these roles. I'm also not the only one hesitant with the age-range of the Teen Titan cast. Has Warner Bros not learned anything from Batman Begins?