David Fincher: Fight Club Musical? Lullaby? CG-Animated Heavy Metal 3D? Rendezvous With Rama?

David Fincher sat down with MTV, and boy did he blab about a bunch of potential upcoming projects. First up he confirmed rumors that he wants to bring Fight Club to Broadway in 2009!?

"One of the things I want at the 10-year anniversary is to do "Fight Club" as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that."

Fight Club is one of my favorite films of all time, although I'm not so sure about a musical adaptation. In 2004, author Chuck Palahuik was telling fans that Trent Reznor was writing the soundtrack. I wonder if that is still the case. Fincher says he'd love to work with Palahnuik again, and has been considering brining Lullaby to the big screen.

"I was pretty interested in Lullaby. It almost has to be dumbed down a bit for it to work as a movie. I always love his writing. It cracks me up."

And with 3D being all the rage now-a-days, even Fincher has caught the fever:

"I'm in talks right now to do a series of CG-animated 3-D films for [fantasy comics magazine] Heavy Metal."

Fincher has also been trying to get Rendezvous With Rama off the ground for some time now. Arthur C. Clarke's 1972 novel is set in the 22nd century, a group of human explorers, who intercept a thirty-mile-long cylindrical alien starship that passes through Earth's solar system, and attempt to unlock its mysteries. The Zodiac director says he's waiting on a script.

"When they're happy with it, they'll send it to me. It's a project I've always loved. It's probably technologically within striking distance right now. That was always the thing: You couldn't afford to build these things as sets. It's just too huge."

Fincher says they would probably shoot the sequences involving the humans on board the alien ship using motion-capture.

"There's probably a week or two onboard the ship that you'd have to do the weightlessness and the landing before they get to Rama. We'd probably do it with some kind of performance-capture."

This project still appears to be a few years off.