Cloverfield Monster Revealed? NOPE!

A new photo has begun to circulate across the interwebs (you can see it after the jump for spoiler purposes). It's a conceptual rendering of the Cloverfield monster, or another fan made hoax?

The picture originated on in the profile of Peter Konig, an art director for Tippett Studios, which is supposedly working on the upcoming JJ Abrams produced monster film. After reviewing the slowed down footage seen here from the theatrical trailer, the legs and spine match up incredibly well. And his claws also match up with the marks on the statue of liberty.

It seemed very strange that someone who is working on the project would post spoiler art on their portfolio profile for everyone to see. Konig also works for Massive Black, which does a lot of design work for video games. It might actually be a design from one of their unannounced projects. We'll update this story as it develops.

Update: After further investigation of the the Massive Black website, I have discovered a photo which shows a a clay model of the creature pictured after the jump. This pretty much confirms that the monster photo currently spreading around the interwebs is NOT the Cloverfield monster (although, I'm guessing the real thing probably looks pretty similar) and is instead concept art for some video game.

Cloverfield Monster Revealed?

source: FilmSchoolRejects