Oceanic Airlines Billboards

Our new friends at io9 have pointed out this new billboard advertising Oceanic Airlines. Last week the fictional airpline company featured in JJ Abrams hit tv show Lost issued a press release announcing their return to the air (the company had shut down after the infamous Flight 815 tragedy). It's interesting to see the network investing some real money into real world advertisements for a vial campaign. I'd be interested to see how much brand recognition Oceanic has with commuters driving by. And I seriously wonder what the conversion rate is for such a campaign.

As a fan of the show, it's certainly exciting to see their fictional world blend into ours, but I just wonder what the practical financial concerns of such an idea. I'm not sure Paramount would get a big return by running Slusho! commercials on television to promote Cloverfield. But then again, Cloverfield doesn't have the long term invested viewership that Lost has built.