Warner Bros Goes 100% Blu-Ray

Warner Bros has announced that they will release High Definition titles exclusively on Blu-Ray.

"A two-format landscape has led to consumer confusion and indifference toward high definition, which has kept the technology from reaching mass adoption and becoming the important revenue stream that it can be for the industry," said Kevin Tsujihara. "Consumers have clearly chosen Blu-ray, and we believe that recognizing this preference is the right step in making this great home entertainment experience accessible to the widest possible audience."

I've always believed that Blu-ray is the better format just based on the fact that the format touts a higher capacity. Most people in the industry believe this move could be the death-blow for HD-DVD (sorry Alex, you picked the wrong side). I still stand firm in my belief that neither format will convert the entire DVD market-share. On Demand is clearly the future, but studios make a good dime on consumers repurchasing their collections when new formats are introduced. So picking a side in this war might give Warners a few years of HD cash before digital downloads and streams take off. Just my opinion.