Mortensen And Hoffman In Xavier Gans' Vanikoro

Bloody Disgusting has received word that two of the finest actors of a generation, Viggo Mortensen and Philip Seymour Hoffman, are in "talks" to star in a cannibal epic entitled Vanikoro from the director of Hitman, Xavier Gans. Vanikoro is part of the Santa Cruz Islands near Australia, where a French explorer found himself and his crew shipwrecked and legend has it, chewed upon like chicken nuggets by indigenous tribal folk, in the late 18th century. I can see these two actors-both coming off a banner year, with Hoffman having a brilliant hat-trick-working together, but can't buy Gans in such an equation just yet. When your last picture is labeled "passable, for a videogame movie" and performs just so-so at the box office, such skepticism is justified.

Not to say that theaters aren't ripe like a corpse for a memorable cannibal flick, the last of which was 1999's extremely curious, cult-approved Ravenous. Picturing a malnourished Hoffman and Mortensen running around in a Rescue Dawn-like survival tale with a generous dash of Cannibal Ferox terror and Master and Commander maritime action thrown in is good for the imagination. Let's just hope Gans leaves the barcodes at the checkout line this time if the movie pans out, eh?