Rimbaud Vs. Rambo

I don't know about Rambo, but I'm certainly excited to see Rimbaud. The following piece of street art appeared in the Church MUNI stop in San Francisco.

For those of you who don't know (and I didn't), Arthur Rimbaud was a 19th century French poet who has been identified as one of the creators of free verse. And while I'm not quite sure what exactly the point is (maybe someone in the comments can clear this up), I'm sure it has something to do with either war politics or art (but doesn't everything?). After doing a quick google search, I found a 1992 New York Times book review titled "Rambo, Rimbaud, Which Is Best?" and a political opinion piece on TimesOnline from 2005 titled "When Rimbaud meets Rambo".

via: Flickr