Juno On Track To Blow Little Miss Sunshine Away; Expands To 2,000 Screens

Jason Retiman's Juno took in an estimated $15.7 million in 998 theaters this past weekend, earning the second biggest Friday night in "indie" film history. Fox Searchlight has decided to expand this little comedy into 2,000 screens starting this Friday.

Juno has drawn comparisons to Little Miss Sunshine (I actually wrote that it was "This year's Little Miss Sunshine" in my Toronto review, so I might have been the first), but truth is Juno is going to blow Little Miss out of the water. How crazy is that? Who would have thought?

Juno has earned an estimated $31.8 million in its first 28 days of release (only one week wide). Sunshine was at $14.7 million in the same time frame, and $59.8 million domestically by the end of its run. By the same calculation, Juno is heading for $130+ million!! And who knows how long Juno's legs might be. Sunshine ran in theaters for whole eight months (in limited capacity mind you).

via: cinematical