Tyler Perry Cast In Star Trek?!

Who is the audience is for Tyler Perry's movies? The comic actor/writer/director is considered a decently big box office draw, yet no one I've ever talked to has admitted to being  a fan of his movies. Sure, I might not be in the right demographic, but surely someone I know is, right? His critically bashed films continue to gross $30-$60 million domestically, with little to no advertising. If someone could explain this phenomena to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

And while the Star Trek casting has been a bit underwhelming, this latest rumor adds to the collective pile. UGO is reporting that Tyler Perry has been cast in JJ Abrams upcoming reboot/prequel as the head of Starfleet Academy. Potential spoilers after the jump.

As it has already been revealed, and pretty much assumed, James Kirk's legendary run-in with the Kobayashi Maru test is featured in the new film. For those non trekkies, the Maru simulation was a no win test to determine how cadets would react to a fatal outcome. Kirk became the only person in history to beat the test by reprograming the scenario. Basically he cheated because he didn't want to "lose". Apparently, a scene in the new film supposedly features Kirk facing expulsion from Starfleet for his actions, and Perry isn't happy.

"After hearing the charge from Perry's character, Chris Pine-as-Kirk delivers a speech in the same vein as some of the classic Kirk speeches from the TV series. He wants to know how his cheating was found out, and it's revealed that there was a witness to Kirk's act. Kirk immediately demands to know who the witness was so he can face his accuser."

An of course, young Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) reveals him one as the culprit.