New Cloverfield Viral Poster And Television Ads

I'm still back visiting family and friends in my hometown out east (in a little suburb outside of Boston best known for it's mall). I made the trip into the city today with a friend and spotted some of the Cloverfield viral marketing at work.

Last week I reported on strange chalk grafiti that began appearing in San Francisco asking "What is it?" It was later reported that new viral Cloverfield posters had begun to popup with the same quote. This new poster was found at the Government Center Newbury comics store, and features the infamous quote "I SAW IT. IT'S ALIVE, IT'S HUGE."

Also, ProjectCloverfield has found a couple new television advertisements which might be worth checking out for a few more split seconds of new footage.

  • We Are Not Alone
  • Some Thing Has Arrived
  • That bridge sequence looks intense!