DVD Review: Hatchet

Hatchet, directed by Adam Green, is a disturbingly funny horror film about a group of tourists in New Orleans who end up on a haunted swamp tour.  After their weird tour guide sinks their wimpy boat in gator infested waters, they are forced to wander the woods in search of civilization.  In the dark and rainy forest, the tourists encounter Victor Crowley, a vengeful deformed maniac who calls the swamp home, setting out to kill anyone who dares venture on his land.

I love scary movies, but am also deathly afraid of them.  Unfortunately, I was forced to watch this one alone.  Hatchet literally made me cover my eyes and scream "ewww!"  atleast 7 times.  The film is chock full of bad acting and cheesy dialogue, but is bloody as hell, and hilarious and laughable at the same time.  The characters types are stereotypical of horror films, and the storyline is pretty generic as well until the end (but too bad I can't ruin that for you).  Victor Crowley is one gross looking deformed person, and his hunting methods aren't exactly pleasant.  Hatchet is a great on the couch at home movie night film (in fact, I will probably make my boyfriend watch this with me again this weekend).  Oh yeah, and props on main character Ben's Newbury Comics shirt.  I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

/Film Rating: 8.5/10