Terminator 4 Details Revealed

Our friend Devin at CHUD has a bunch of new details about the upcoming fourth Terminator film, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Most of the information below will probably be revealed in the trailers and pre-release advertising, and is not all to spoilerish. But if you want to be kept in the dark, stop reading now. Here are the main details:

  • John Conner (played by Christian Bale in the new film) is NOT the main character in the fourth film, but will have a more sizable role in the Fifth movie.
  • The Main Character is a bad ass "Riddick"-like guy named Marcus (couldn't they have come up with a better name?) who wakes up on post-apocalyptic earth, around 15 years before the future shown in the original Terminator.
  • When the producers said that they are making a new trilogy, they aren't kidding. The whole thing is apparently mapped out.
  • Marcus is the star of the new trilogy.
  • No Actor has been cast as Marcus yet.
  • The action in Terminator 4 is described as "HUGE", including some battles with the T-600s.
  • The new story focuses on the degrees of difference between humans and terminator/human cyborgs.
  • You can read more on CHUD.