Batman Vs. Superman

Over the weekend we got a ton of emails from readers who saw I Am Legend. You see, during the opening sequence in an abandoned Time Square, a huge billboard is visible advertising a Batman vs. Superman feature film which will hit theaters on 05-15-10. Fans have started to speculate that this could be the Justice League movie. As we've told you before, director George Miller recently announced that the Justice League film was still on the fast track, but would be released under a new title. And rumor has it that a fight between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel is a main focal point of the Justice League script.

But don't get too excited, producers are saying that the poster in the movie is a completely fictional creation. The sight gag was an addition to the film by screenwriter/producer Akiva Goldsman, who was originally attached to a Superman vs. Batman screenplay that never got produced. So calm down – there isn't going to be a Batman vs. Superman movie just yet. A very cool easter egg indeed.

photo: Tuna