Michael Bay Thought Raiders Of The Lost Ark Was Going To Suck

News is really slow today, so I'm really trying to search the webs for some quality content. Transformers director Michael Bay made an appearance on AMC's Sunday Morning Shootout, and some clips are online.

Bay talks about how he "couldn't stomach" the original Transformers cartoons, and how he through Raiders of the Lost Ark was "gonna suck." I usually stick up for Bay on a weekly basis (I love watching his films, they are great popcorn entertainment), but when he says such things with a smile on his face (he gleefully admits to getting death threats online), it makes me want to dislike the man like the rest of the world. Watch them below.

Michael Bay claims responsibility for Penelope director Mark Palansky's career.

Bay talks about the Worldwide success of Transformers, bringing the movie in at a reasonable budget and his disinterest in the original toyline/series: "When you look back at those cartoons, they're not that great. They remember their childhood sweeter than it really was. I couldn't stomach those cartoons."

Bay talks about his style – Bay-hos: "I hate to wait".

Bay talks about working at LucasFilm and predicting that Raiders of the Lost Ark was going to suck.