New Cloverfield Video Revealed; Viral Contest Launched

The guys at BadRobot have devised a new viral plan, and have decided to launch a contest urging fans to embed a new video clip on their blogs and myspace profiles. The top 20 people whose widget is grabbed the most will win a prize. If you think about it, this is actually a very genius plan by the guys at BadRobot. Without spending a dime on advertising, they will get their footage embedded on thousands upon thousands of web pages. Talk about free viral advertising.

The new video clip, which can be watched below, features an introduction by JJ Abrams (it looks like he shot this inbetween takes on the set of Star Trek..) followed be an extremely extended sequence. Beginning with the monster's first roar, the clip follows Rob and the gang up to the roof, down to the street where the statue of liberty's head crashes, and into a store. If you're not excited about this movie yet, watch this clip. After seeing Diary of the Dead at Toronto, I was worried that Cloverfield might feature a lot of the same, but with some cooler effects. By the look of this short clip, I am very wrong. Watch this sucker now!

Thanks to Dennis at CloverfieldClues for passing this on.