Cool Stuff: Cloverfield Wrap Party Invitation

Rob was going to Japan, and a bunch of friends gathered to throw him a going away party. But that was just the beginning. We've all seen the trailer (you know, the one where the guy clearly saying "It's Alive!" and not "It's a Lion!" right before the statue of liberty's head rolls down the street), but did you know that Rob had ANOTHER gong away party?

Found on eBay, is a photo of a cast and crew invite to the Cloverfield wrap party which happened under the guise of "The 2nd Attempt Rob & Beth Going Away Party", which happened on Saturday August 18th. The invite's headline reads: "Bon Voyage Rob... Again!"

On the bottom right hand side you will see the many logos the production went under, Cloverfield, Slusho!, Chocolate Outrage, Cheese and 1-18-08. A cool piece of Cloverfield behind the scenes memorabilia.

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