Fool's Gold Movie Trailer

I takes a lot for me not to be interested in a treasure hunting movie, but Warner Bros' new movie trailer has  gotten me completely uninterested in the upcoming film Fool's Gold.

What happened to Kate Hudson? She had one incredible performance in Almost Famous, and has been uninteresting ever since. She's is starting to become the new Jennifer Aniston. And by that I mean, she plays the the female lead in a lot of bad romantic comedies. Guys tend to despise Aniston, despite how good looking she may be. And I see the same thing happening to Hudson. Maybe because both actresses have chosen a career of playing characters who annoyingly complain and yell all the time at their bumbling idiot boyfriends.

Someone needs to tell writer/director Andy Tennant that the whole "Where did you learn there?!" "Playstation" joke is so five years ago. And wasn't it used in xXx? Not a film that should be mined for original source material. And could the soundtrack be any more generic?

Watch the trailer after the jump, and pray your girlfriend doesn't drag you to see this.

[flv: 470 312]

Fool's Gold hits theaters on February 8th 2008.